The Design of Time

Can there be mindful reason for the design of the Earth and Moon?

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Finding time design

This website looks at time design as evidence of a Divinely created Earth-Moon system. Of significance here is that the modern spin and orbital rates seem to work together to produce certain, well-defined time structures. The following list of no cost publications is consequently presented in substantiation of an hypothesis that the present lunisolar system is reflective of intelligent time design:

  1. Is there a Case for Created Time?
  2. An Interrelated System
  3. Why Study Time Design
  4. The Slowing Spin of the Earth
Note that because well-designed time structures are manifested from out of the modern spin and orbital returns then the possibility of a Supreme origin for the Earth and Moon seems more certain.

Significance of the Moon

The role of the Moon ultimately rises to become huge in proving the existence of interrelated time design. One of the more notable proofs of design in the Sun-Moon system concerns a tight interface between 7 sets of lunar quarters and 7 sets of years. This cross-reference is amazing in the inherent definition of a jubilee calendar. For no cost information about an incredibly accurate lunisolar calendar, please select from among the following online publications:

  1. Jubilee Moon Sign
  2. Time Portals or Annual Gates
  3. The Moon's 50-Day Cycle
  4. An Interrelated Earth-Moon System

Fixed day counts

Time design is additionally manifested from certain Bible passages that provide detail of various cycles. Among the more significant of these concerns the definition of fixed day-counts. For no cost information about the significance of time cycles outlined in the Bible (and related) texts, please select from among the following list of online literature:

  1. The Moon as a Time Meter
  2. Significance of 40 Days
  3. A Count of 360 Days
  4. A Significant Jubilee Cycle
  5. Was the Flood of Noah a Real Event?
  6. Time Cycles of Ancient Astronomy

Historical time cycles

A study of time design is yet additionally significant for coming to better understanding time cycles once tracked in regions of the ancient Middle East. Of special significance here is that early priest-astronomers appear to have once tracked and celebrated a calendar predicated upon time stations. For more information about a day or a time station of the Sun (1 day in a cycle of 30 days) and a day or a time station of the Moon (1 day in a cycle of 7 weeks), please select from among the following list of online publications:

  1. Tracking the Day-of-the-Sun
  2. The Historic Feast of Weeks
  3. Significance of the Lunar Week
  4. A Solar Eclipse in the Genesis Record
  5. Zodiac Weeks
  6. Tithe of the Third Year

Prophesied cycles

Lastly, a study of time design seems significant for accurately interpreting certain of the Bible's prophecies. To be more specific, the annointing of the Messiah and the destruction of the Temple were events that were predicted (centuries prior). The Bible does furthermore predict the coming of a doomsday event. For more information about events detailed in Bible prophecy, refer to the following list of no cost publications:

  1. The 70-Year Cycle
  2. Predicted Time Cycles
  3. The Significance of 70 Years
  4. Chronology of Jubilees
  5. Is Doomsday Ahead

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Note that the times of the several ancient eclipses, equinoxes, and Moon phases that are referenced in the literature linked from above can conveniently be converted to/from corresponding Julian day numbers using the following online calendar tool. The times of the cited events can optionally be viewed in a graphical format when inside of the Sky View Cafe.


The online publications represent the results of the research of James Dwyer and Sherry Goodwin. (Jim was formerly a Computer Systems Programmer with the U.S. Geological Survey). We do hope that our current study of the Earth-Moon system will be of benefit in furthering a reader's study of a created solar system.

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